Mr. Dueck's Classroom Site

Block E Science 9

Sept 29 No video lesson today, but lots of handouts.  Find them here.

Nov 12 We watched a video called "Atoms and Their Electrons".  There was a fill-in-the-blank handout.  You can find a copy of the videoonline here.


Dec 8 No video lesson.  I handed out a take home quiz, and a review assignment.

Dec 15 No video lesson.  We did a lab (we blew up some hydrogen!)

Jan 26 No video lesson.  We did 2 labs today!

Feb 2 No video lesson.  We watched a Mythbusters video.


Mar 29.  We had an assembly, so no video lesson today.

Apr 21 No video lesson.  I handed out a take home quiz, and Chapter 10 Homework.

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