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Block C

Oct 8 No video lesson.  We just finished the homework from last day.

Oct 20 Answers to Chapter 1, Quiz 1.  No new lesson, but lots of worksheets were handed out.

Oct 22 No video lesson.  I handed out a take home quiz (Quiz 2), and Section 4.2 Homework.  Find them on my OneDrive.

Oct 29 Section 4.3 Balancing Equations Part 2  <--Note: I butchered this lesson, but I'm putting it up anyhow.  Sometimes it's good to get humbled.  Sigh.

Nov 12 Answers to Section 4.3 Balancing Equations Quiz.  Note: the Chapter 4 test will be Wednesday, Nov. 19th! The Study Guide is due that day, too.

Nov 26 No lesson today.  We did a lab.

Jan 14 No video lesson today.  I handed out a quiz, Section 6.2 Homework, and a Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle.  They are all online in the Block C folder.

Jan 16 No video lesson today.  Quizzes are due next class, and your test will be the class after that.

Feb 13.  We finished off Section 7.3 Nuclear Reactions.  The entire video lesson is on the Feb 11 link.

Mar 2 Section 8.1 Part 2 (Arrgghh! We had technology issues, so this is a lesson from 2 years ago!)

Mar 30 No lesson today.  We did a lab.

Apr 8 Sorry, my computer is in the shop, so no video lesson.  We marked Quiz 2, and went over a practice quiz.  You can find copies in the Block C folder.

May 11 No video lesson today.  We worked on 3 handouts: (i) Plate Boundaries, (ii) Earthquakes, and (iii) Volcanoes.  You can find copies here.

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